Moll Doll

New Life, New Day, New Page
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2005-07-06 14:47:35 (UTC)


Yikes this morning was special I have the worse shin splints
of my life and definately need to get them checked up on. It
hurt so bad running but I refuse to give up because I am not
a quitter. It is almost time to go to the Canteen for lunch.
I hope we don't get into a lot of trouble today. That would
most definately stink. I was reading Fuckedup girls site and
it hilarious just a bunch of sex jokes. It makes me laugh
and entertains me and keeps the smile on my face. I just
need to keep my head up high and I will be fine! Well, more
later. Nothing important has happened. I did have a dream
about Peter last night and well I was saddened by it. I am
totally diggin him ,but in my dream when college started he
totally dissed and dismissed me and it made me sad. I don't
know exactly what is going on between us or if anything
would it seems like we just flirt and talk and say things.
Oh well. He is a goodie and a cutie!

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