Moll Doll

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2005-07-06 14:11:53 (UTC)


Just sitting here waiting on my parents they were supposed
to be here at 1 but they were driving back home from FL and
are going to be later. That kinda stinks cuz that means I
won't be home till like 5:20 or something just kidding ,but
probably somewhere around 5 I am just going to sleep. I hope
they took my dog with them ,but knowing them my dog is still
at home. I haven't thought about him much this weekend
probably because I have had a picture of him. I really miss
Josh and I hope to hang out with him this weekend. He is my
ex ex boyfriend,but more or so he is one of those dudes you
have as a friend,but you just don't wanna committ ,but you
really like them and they like you and if the situation were
different you would definately date and be together. Anyway.
I hope to see him over the weekend,but maybe I won't. I have
to work and then be back on Monday at 4 o'clock. Fun stuff.
All of these things that they are teaching me are pretty
hard to get together. The concepts and all. I hate being
made a fool of or feeling the fool. Oh well. N2M2S. LATERS!