Moll Doll

New Life, New Day, New Page
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2005-07-06 14:10:33 (UTC)


Hello! Today is a fine day I guess. We woke up and I did PT
which absolutely killed my shins. Ouch is all I have to say.
That was all that happened though. It was good for us
though. I am glad that I am able to do this kinda stuff.
Unfortunately tomorrow we are going on a road sack march or
something and that is going to tire me just say that a week
or so from now i will be all good and stuff. So Tasco never
apologized ,but I guess in a sense I never expected him to
,but i wish he would. I guess it is okay if that is the way
that he wants to be. I just want to be able to get along
with most of the people here. Most of them have computers so
I am one of the few that ever writes or uses this computer
they all probably think I am a nerd and stuff. Oh yeah so
Brown is cool still and she acts goofy. She is so funny and
like me we just have our moods and nobody else quite
understands us. Tanto is good he hangs out with Tasco a lot
during meal time so I am not going to go near that so we
don't really necessarily talk that much anymore which is
good. Tasco is a nice kid I am not saying anything against
him,but I just don't like receiving rude comments and then
no apologies.I expext common courtesy I mean maybe he
doesn't like me but he could at least be polite you know.
Whatever. This one kid red I don't like him at all he is a
stuck up ROTC dude who thinks that he like runs the world
,but he doesn't and well you have to earn respect before it
is given to you you know?!?!? Oh well. I am going to go work
on my english paper now! Laters.