a little piece of me
2005-07-06 12:02:49 (UTC)

might be good

things seem to be working out pretty well for the time
being. school starts back next month, and i'm taking
only art classes. woohoo! going on vacation next
month as well. that'll be great...staying with the in-laws,
but that's ok. makes for a cheaper vacay!

mariana and i also get to set up our jewelry booth for
free at the farmers market. we're also doing a local
festival, and probably a flea market in a few months.
i've been selling much better than she has, so i feel
kinda bad. hey, i've gotta pay for school somehow!
money's tight, but isn't it always? hopefully the financial
aid comes through.

today's agenda--landscaping. the yard is in some
serious need of order. it just looks so random. me
madre is supposed to come over and help since she
knows way more about plants than i do, but we'll see if
she makes it. i'm putting in the little pond today
reguardless. i also need to measure for the stone trim.
oh yeah, and i need to get prepared to start remodeling
the bathroom. we should be doing that some time in
the next couple of weeks. i'm so looking forward to that.
pink just isn't my color! hopefully we can do something
romanesque--urns, marble (faux of course), etc.
probably white and gold colors. sigh--not every room
can be black i guess.

well, it's almost 7 am. guess i need to get outside and
start digging before it gets too hot.