Who reads this crap? My life
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2005-07-06 06:33:21 (UTC)


So here I am again writing about the love affairs of my
life. It's funny isnt it? I used to hate the exact thing I
am writing about, getting depressed or having your moods
dictated on a relationship. But I've finally realized what
its like. Miranda is the first girl I've ever actually loved
and cared about. Even if I get jealous about all the dudes
she knows and how theyre all much more good looking than me.
Being in love kind of sucks. Even as I write this entry,
shes jumping from room to room on this gaming website, pogo.
But yeah love sucks alot, and I'd rather do without it. Then
I could simply move on. Wouldn't that be nice? I just feel
worthless and it sucks, I've never felt so... suicidal. So I
guess thats why I'm here spilling my thoughts to this white
sheet of code. I wish megan was on but thats asking for too
much. She usually cheers me right up. But yeah I think I'm
done ranting. Aren't diaries just dandy? I guess I'm gonna
try and deal with her, and hope I come out with my
relationship intact. I'd mention the stuff about her having
a picture of her ex boyfriend still on her computer in his
boxers and me getting angry but I am tired of typing. Later.

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