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2005-07-06 05:01:28 (UTC)

Busy Day

So. I don't even know when I wrote last. I think it was
last night. Oh yeah because I had the soccer game at etc.
So yeah I played for Mikes team and it wasn't too bad.
They also had Brittney Gillis and Tahn Maher comeo out and
play for them too. So yeah. I got to play lots too. Mid.
And it was tiring and that Michelle pissed me off. She
constantly tells me to like cover this player and that
player and I was on #10 like all game but no, lets tell me
to cover everybody else on the field too! So anyways. I
didn't do too bad and I got this one shot only I kicked it
left footed and it went wide. Anyways the tier 3 team (my
team I'll call them now I guess even though they aren't
really...) won. Against some river place. lol. So.

Then today. Math again. I was so discouraged. It was only
like 10 minutes into class and I was already so lost and I
didn't know how to do anything and I didn't understand
anything at all and it was horrible. But when we started
Conics I understood more so that's good. Then after Math I
walked home with Kelsey Rich and Jessy Abbott and yeah.
lol. Then I got home and worked on Math. And then at about
2:30 Stephanie, a girl from my mom's used-to-be-work who's
now my new tutor since Adrienne moved ( :( ), came and
tutored me and helped me with my assignment that's due
tomorrow. So yeah that was pretty good. Personally I think
Adrienne was a bit better at explaining stuff and
everything but Steph's a pretty good tutor too. So
hopefully I'll pass this course. So yeah. Wheew. So after
working on Math for an hour with Steph, and then 2 hours
on my own I finished the assignment and ate alphaghetti's
and got ready for work. Then my mom drove me to work and I
was there from 5-9.

There was 4 of us being trained at the registers, Dustin
(Kathy's son), and this other girl- they're both working
in other departments but if it's really busy and the
cashiers need help they'll take a regiester- and then
another girl who just got hired like me. I don't remember
her name but we got along really well and we hung out
during break and stuff. So. For the first while, Kathy was
explaining stuff to us and deomonsrating things on the
till, and then we got to practice with each other. Then we
got a 15 minute break and me and ________ (I really gotta
learn her name. haha) walked down to the food court
together and I got an Orange Julius and she got a drink
from Grandma Lees. Then we made our way back to Zellers
and then we got partnered up with other cashiers and we
got to work- actually work. I was partnered up with
Kaarina at the mall registers and yeah. First I was just
watching and doing bagging at stuff and then I got to work
the register and wow. It can get really intense. And yeah.
I made afew mistakes only she helped me fix them when I
got confused and freaked out and didn't know what to do.
And other times I could fix them myself. lol. But wow.
Mostly the people were really patient and stuff though.
They probably figured I was in training. lol I don't have
a name tag or anything yet. So yeah. lol I was definately
shakey because I really didn't wanna screw up and I wanted
to do good. But I guess I did good enough for my first
time. But wow. I was definately scared.

So then at a bit before 8, Chelsea and her mom came to see
me (she texted me and said she was coming to see me
sometime) and me, her and Kaarina talked for a bit when
there were no customers and then yeah. Chelsea said they'd
wait and give me a ride home when I was done work. So then
after work I went back to my locker and got my stuff and
changed out of my shirt and talked to Kathy about me going
away this weekend and how I'd like to get off at 5 or 6 on
Thursdays and yeah. She said she was making the scedual
and would have it posted tomorrow and she still had to
look at my availability sheet and etc. So hopefully I'll
still beable to go to youth and stuff.

So then I was walking out the doors and I said goodbye to
my new friend and was about to go to Chelseas car when my
dad drove up. lol go figure. The ONE time he actually
remembers me. :P Oh boy. So yeah. Whoops...SORRY CHELSEA!
He said he almost forgot to get me anyways. lol. So yeah.
lol. Wheew. So I've had a pretty busy day.

And now I'm ony msn talking to Chelsea, Ben, Annette,
Jacqui, Ryan and Josh and yeah. Lots of typing. And I'm
sorta stressed from work and school and everything. Man oh
man. But I'm gonna go talk to Annette some more. I've
FINALLY told her about A___. Yes. Maybe I'll beable to
mention his name sometime in here. We're trying to figure
out what I should do about this. It kinda sucks that's for
sure. Man. Stupid heart and feelings and crap.

Anyways I'm out! Love you all!


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