Jenny's Journal
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2005-07-05 20:04:15 (UTC)

4th of July weekend at the beach

Saturday I just couldn't stand the thought of not
bein' in the mix, so I headed out to Ocean Beach (a hippie
community) for some shopping and sunbathing.

I stopped in a swim shop on the strip and picked up a
nice black two piece and a black sheer wrap to cover
my half nekked self. My first bikini! It had pads in the
top to enhance my chest so I don't look as droopy as I
really am, a light "girdling" in the belly to help contain
my gut, and that wrap hid the cellulite on my upper thighs
and butt. The only way you're getting ME in a two piece is
if it has some serious enhancements and complimentary

I felt so naked walking down the street in public dressed
like that, or undressed as the case may be. When the
general response was positive I felt more comfortable. It
was very hot and very bright out so the 2 piece really did
feel more comfortable than the tight tank top, push up bra
I had been wearing.

I made my way down the strip a ways closer to the beach and
popped into one of my old favorite hippie shops (clothing,
singing bowls, jewelry, etc) and picked up a new black
sarong to cover up with later should the sun start to burn

If you haven't had a sarong, you've GOT to get one! These
are the most comfortable, versatile and airy pieces of
clothing! It's a tropical "wrap" that you can wear as a
halter dress tied behind your neck, a strapless dress tied
in front, a skirt tied or rolled around you, or even use as
a table cloth in a pinch! They're perfect for getting out
of the shower, or out of the water (beach, pool, etc), for
something oh so comfortable and cool on a hot or muggy day,
etc. They are shaped similiar to a thin, huge beach towel,
(usually with some tassels on the short sides) only they're
more appropriate to go out in public in or answer the door
in than just a towel and come in much nicer colors/
patterns etc. ;)

It's as comfortable as those ugly old "moo-moos" only more
versatile, a cooler fabric, and nowhere near as hideous on
a womans body as those granny gowns. :)

The beach was as full as I hoped it would be. I hopped
right into the thick of things and did my share of
seeing and being seen before I strategically planted
myself where I could watch the show (people watching).

I knew there was an increased police presence from the
NEWS but was still surprised to see what looked like a
parade of 'em makin' rounds. Cops on foot, cops on
buggies, cops on horses, cops on bikes, cops in cars, cops
in trucks, cops on blades, cops in scooters... everywhere!
I felt like a kid in a candy store! lol Who do I flirt with
first? :)

But seriously, I felt a lot safer knowing they were keeping
a very close eye on everyone. I was at the beach alone
afterall and even though I know my way around with my
street smarts bein' a local, you've still got to watch out
for petty thieves.

There was this one guy that kept gawking at me. I was
dyin' of thirst and he had already bummed a cigarette
off of me, and that gave me an idea. I told him that
if he would go fetch me a soda from across the street
I'd give him some smokes.

I could see the food/ drink place clearly but didn't
want to mess with the hassle of packing everything up
and waiting in line, having to find a new spot to lay
everything out, etc. I gave him a few bucks for the
soda and kept a close eye on him to make sure he
didn't drink out of my straw or something when he
brought it to me. :) He kept his part of the bargain
so I kept mine. He left me alone after that and just
smoked his merry butt someplace else.

I saw the bikers roll in on a herd of noise and knew
they would prolly scare the tourists away. The locals know
that the OB bikers are big teddy bears that are more likely
to help you out of a jam than get you into one.

I stuck around for awhile until I was well cooked. I walked
the cat walk with all of the other people until the doorman
at one of the biker bars called me over. I went in but it
didn't look like my scene so I kept on moving.

I came across a tattoo parlor and checked out the tats
they had displayed across their walls. I had no
intention of getting one there, but have wondered
about getting a tattoo for a long time.

Then this huge guy covered head to toe in piercings and
tattoos with more facial hair than ZZ Top came up on me so
I left. I will prolly be one of those people who considers
getting a tattoo for years but never gets one for fear of
it warping with age and weight gain/ loss, etc. Besides,
every time I think of getting one I wait at least a year
because it has been my experience that after one year I
wouldn't want that one, I'd want something else as my
interests change over time.

By the time I got home I was "burnt" out but not really
sunburned. I wanted to go back to the beach Sunday but
somehow got stuck screening calls for that empty room with
a "honey-do" list. Ma's workin' a short day today so that
means I'm doppelganing.

I was cleaning the kitchen when the idiot roomie Adam
came in to stare at my tits. *rolls eyes* He went away
when I threatened to put him to work cleaning lol.

Yesterday Mom and I packed up the car and the dogs and
headed out to Fiesta Island (a secluded inlet beach where
dogs are allowed). Mom likes Fiesta Island because usually
the tourists take to the big beaches and don't know about
and can't find some of these "hidden" spots the locals
reserve for themselves.

We got a little lost on the way there because we took a
slightly different route to avoid the deadlocked traffic
corking up the exit we normally would have taken.

We were in massive traffic with cops at every intersection,
every parking lot blocked off with signs saying "Lot Full",
wondering if we were going the right direction. I was
making supportive, friendly finger-waves (not a full hand
wave) at some of the cops (not flirting, just appreciating
their efforts to help bring order to the chaos) until Ma
told me not to wave at anyone because she had expired tags
on her car lol.

What? You're tellin' me you're out in this insane traffic
with cops everywhere and you don't have current tags? oh
man lol. She said she was hoping to just blend in with the
mass exodus of vehicles all migrating to the water. I told
her that made us even for the time I let her drive my car
when I didn't have any auto insurance :). She had to agree.
One mark against me erased!

Sure enough, we were going the wrong direction and had to
make a tricky maneuver to get back into the right lane. We
were oh so grateful and excited when we saw the "Fiesta
Island" sign! We had to make a left turn but the traffic
wouldn't let us, so we made the only turn we could.

I told Ma not to make that right turn, but she did anyways
and almost got us back on some freeway. I told her to make
an illegal u turn quick before anyone came. She didn't want
to until she saw another car doin' it, then we made a break
for it lol- so dangerous at that junction, but we were
desperate at that point. I should have thanked that driver
for giving Mom "permission" to do it by doin' it himself.

When we actually saw our destination in sight we let out a
cheer and the dogs started to do their "Can I get out now?
Can I go pee now? I'm thirsty, Can I get out now? Oh please
oh please lemme OUT!" dance at the back windows.

It was packed big time, three to four cars DEEP with no way
for anyone not on the outer edge to get out. People were
not just parking in nice straight rows all lined up like in
a parking lot, people were parked all kinds of crazy
Californian ways! I live here and I've never seen parkin'
like THAT before! lol

When Mom drove past several open spots I thought she was
crazy because it was a miracle that there were ANY open
spots. "Moooo-ooom, what're you doin'? There's a spot right

She's just drivin' along and I'm all "There's an open...
There's another... MA! Park already! Oh come ON!" lol So
now Mom is in a car with three "Lemme out lemme out-ers"
jumpin' around in her car. She said she was looking for a
spot with fewer people. You have GOT to be kidding! It's
the 4th of July, this is as good as it gets!

We were all relieved when she finally chose a spot and
pulled in. We had a clear shot at the beach where we would
be able to keep a very close, clear eye on the car while

Unfortunately Ma parked us right into a santrap and got the
car stuck somethin' awful! She knew she was in trouble when
she opened the door and sand poured in lol. She realised
that she couldn't exactly flag the police over to help dig
us out because of her expired tags.

I reassured her that we don't need the authorities to help
us because we've got State Farm Emergency Roadside
Assistance. Still, it would take hours for a tow truck to
reach us and bail us out of the sinking sands we were stuck

We tried to handle the situation ourselves before calling
anyone for help. Ma had the idea to take our fresh, clean
towels and throw them under the tires for traction. It
didn't work. It only burried the towels in the sand,
trapped under the tires.

At that point we were so completely burried that the under
carriage of the car was in the sand with tires only
partially exposed lol. We had only gone from bad to worse.
I told Mom that it couldn't get much worse without the car
disappearing entirely!

I was *SO* glad we had taken HER car instead of mine! (The
last thing I needed was for my leather seats to soak up the
gross smell of wet dog. Mom felt safer being the one
driving in this traffic, and I thought she knew the best
way to get there, in addition to her car being less of a
target than mine, it all just made sense to take hers.)

She remembered something an engineering friend had told her
years ago about always asking someone with a motorhome for
help when you get in a jam because they have everything-
usually. So she went sheepishly to the people (mostly burly
men thank god) outside of the motorhome on our left. They
brought planks of wood to stick under the tires and told
her to back up. That is what I had said from the very
beginning but she wouldn't listen to ME! (Do you hear
an "I told you so" in there? lol)

It worked! We got out of that jam and parked the car on
more solid ground. Finally we were able to let the now
crazed dogs out of the backseat. :) Poor guys, they finally
get to the beach and can't get out of the car.

What's the first thing they do when we let 'em out? They go
and piss all over the volleyball poles/ net set up by our
rescuers, right in front of them! That had to be
deliverbate because they had the entire beach to piss on
but chose to piss on the property nearest those they had
seen walking around the car.

I started to set up our area with a big blanket on the
sand, clean towels on the blanket, two pillows on the
towels, another towel for the dogs, one cooler full of
food, another full of sodas, a picnic basket full of more
stuff, the radio, some reading material I had brought to
kill time in the sun with, and two flags planted at either
end of our blanket for 4th of July spirit! The dogs were
doin' their best to mess up everything by kicking sand all
over the place, and Ma stuck my condensating soda can in
the sand instead of on the clean picnic basket lid, so I
was all for it when she wanted to take the dogs for a walk
around- away from the now disheveled sandy sunbathing
site. :)

They took to pissin' on everybody's stuff when she had her
back turned. They wanted to stay in the shade- any shade. I
shook the sand out of the site and rearranged it back the
way it was when here comes Ma and the dogs again!

I wasn't about to go through all that hassle again so I
turned into a frantic octopus with hands everywhere shoving
the dogs away from our spot and into theirs. We had to
finally put them in the backseat again, with the doors and
windows all open where they could easily see us from the
cooler shade of the car. You would think it would get hot
in there, but there was a nice breeze and they could hop
out whenever they wanted. They're just no fun at all at the

FINALLY, we were able to start sunbathing! lol Good grief!
The sun was so bright that it was baking me unevenly. I had
on a super heavy duty Spectrum SPF 50 lotion and I still
burned in all the wrong places (the tops of my thighs, the
buttom of my butt, mid-back, etc). My face was pink but
didn't burn.

All I wanted was a tan-line! I kept bugging Mom to tell me
if I had any tan lines yet on my back lol. After 5 or 6
hours of sunbathing she started to poke fun at me for the
pink colors I was turnin' in odd patches on my body. Man do
those patches ever itch NOW!

Mom played in the water with the dogs for while. It was so
funny to watch her pick up "li'l bit" and carry him into
the water- doggie paddling in mid air! He would stand on
the sand and just bark at her as she motioned and called
for him to get in. I didn't trust that water to be clean,
so I stayed clear. :) Besides, I was there for the sun, not
to get covered in sandy wet dog shake off.

There were people blasting some latin music nearby, but so
long as it was just one station being imposed upon me I
didn't mind. I thought it gave a nice tropical air to the
scene. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on some
tropical, south american beach and wished I had a cold
daquiri to go with it lol.

We *had* been listening to some patriotic music from
various artists consistent with the spirit 4th of July
holiday. I couldn't hear the music from our radio with
their music being so loud and all so I had to just turn our
radio off.

You would not think that it would be just one musical
preference group blasting one kind of music, but rather
various different people doin' that with all kinds of
different music. But it was only the latin & mariache music
lovers doin' it. Strange but true!

We started to get a little irritated when they began to
blare several different latin and mariache stations from
their car stereos. I don't mean that we could just hear all
of the different songs all at once, I mean it was so loud I
couldn't even hear what my Mom was saying right next to me
(and that stereo was several cars away)!

I like latin music myself, but I can't enjoy any song when
I am hearing 10 different latin songs all at once. I would
be just as irritated if it had been any group of people
doin' the same thing with any kind of music. It was a pity
really, because some of those songs were good ones, too!

Everyone else had been playing their music at a reasonable
volume (not necessarily turned down low, just not loud
enough to interfere with conversations 6 cars down), so
everyone could hear their own music without hearing
everyone elses at the same time. Just a common courtesy
when you've got different people listening to different
music all crowded together, ya know?

The police had already told the folks a few cars to our
left to turn it down, but once the cops left they turned it
up even louder and I actually SAW them sneer at the
families around them just tryin' to enjoy some quality time
together over the holiday- how RUDE!

There was this one great big Pit Bull named Maximus
(appropriate don't ya think?) that kept running into the
water, then through the sand before climing all over us and
our sunbathing area to get to OUR dogs water. The owners
apologised and reigned him back in. But Mom had to go and
say "Oh that's alright..."

So they let him do that over and over again. He drank
almost all of our dogs water - 5 big full bowls until we
had to cover and hide it so our dogs would have some left.
Poor Riley was thirsty but couldn't push past that big dog
to get at his own water.

So I got stuck with wet sandy dog shake off anyways. He
stepped on the white T shirt I had stashed to stop from
burnin' anymore on my back and left big paw prints all over
it, so I wasn't too keen on havin' that big boy around at
that point.

When he figured out that he wasn't welcomed anymore over at
our site he made his way to the site next to ours and ate
the burgers off of their table when their back was turned,
then pissed INTO their inflatable raft. lol He didn't piss
on the side of it, he pissed into it! The dogs owners saw
that and poured some bottled water to rinse it out.

By the time they made their way back to their own site the
dog went right back over to that same raft and pissed in it
again! lol Ya just can't let a pit bull get bored.

Even with the few minor annoyances that come with a crowd,
we still had a GREAT full day in the sun! It was so very
relaxing to just lay out in the sun, feelin' the warmth and
enjoying some light reading with a well-packed picnic.

I knew that we were going to want to all hop into the
shower, and prolly take a nap or rest before the fireworks
at 9:00 PM so I said that we should prolly head out before
the rest of the people get the same idea and bottleneck the
narrow road.

With the amount of cars all blocking eachother I knew there
would be some road raging and prolly some trouble and
bumper ramming if things got bad. Neither of us wanted to
deal with that.

Mom didn't want to deal with that nightmarish traffic in
the dark, so we headed out. I got to see a cute traditional
scene as we packed up the car. There was this naked little
girl bein' washed off by her mother with the predictable
hollerin' and fidgeting of a kid that doesn't want to get
changed from a sandy wet swimsuit into warmer clothes yet.

Traffic was light on the way home, so we made it back in
good time. Mom had the idea that one person should unload
the car while another hopped into the shower. I looked up
at her across my pink nose and told her that there was way
too much stuff for one person to unload, so we were GOING
to both unload it and whoever got to the shower first got
to use it first. I thought she would be the first one in,
but I ended up in the shower first and took Little Bit with
me, later mother took her shower and grabbed Riley.

We had time to relax a bit and watch some of the NEWS
showing scenes of the packed beaches before the fireworks
started. The big beaches were so crowded that there was
hardly enough room to walk between sunbathing bodies,
BBQ's, shade tents, picnics, etc.

It was a very short show, but what do you expect when it's
all public donations? Hard to believe our community blew up
$14,000.00 in fireworks in 20 minutes. We stood on the
opposite street with the nervous dogs tryin' to tie us up
in their leashes, little bit barking at some kid in the
shadows and Riley pawing at moms feet. Fireworks make them
go a little crazy but we don't give them any doggie valium
for it because it passes quick enough. It was a good show,
with great patriotic music. I love Ray Charles rendition of

I was wavin' my red white and blue proudly to the music
like I was directing the band or something, and saw that
Mom had forgotten to grab hers. I offered to share it with
her, but she didn't wave it at all, just held it. I told
her that she had to WAVE it about when they play the
national anthem, but she said that nobody was around. I
took it back and waved it high in the air saying to her
that it's not about being seen by people around us, it's
about American pride (seen and unseen).

It just seemed, oh I dunno, unpatriotic not to wave the
American flag on the 4th of July with fireworks lighting up
the night sky, patriotic music pourin' out of cars and
homes everywhere, and people celebrating all of the
freedoms that we have in this blessed country.

Ya gotta remember that I'm the kind of person who kisses
the corner of the flag everytime I pass under it on my way
out. I get teary eyed when I hear patriotic music and love
that feeling of pride I feel when I see the red, white and
blue flyin' high- triumphant and strong.

We were clean, tired, and ready for some deep sleep when we
curled up in our beds watching the various fireworks
displays on tv. It was a good day- a great 4th of July
weekend in sunny San Diego! Hard not to feel fortunate to
be an American when you're an American celebrating the 4th
of July in paradise, California-style!

Happy 229th Birthday America! Happy 4th of July everybody!