Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-07-05 18:39:19 (UTC)

Reality bites

Dearest Master,

this slave has been busy today, but she doesn't really feel
she has accomplished much. she has tried to make a few
phone calls, but has, so far, gotten no where. she has
written a few cover letters and made a couple revisions to
her resume, and at this point she feels like she is beating
her head against a wall. she knows she is good at what she
does, and she knows she is a smart and capable person, but
how does she make those potential employers out there see
what an asset she would be. this slave did send a thank you
email to the company who turned her down, and asked for
input as to why this slave was not selected for hire. she
thought the interview went so well, and she was so
confident, so she is really wondering what it was that
caused her to not be hired. she hopes they will give her
some honest input.

this slave is on her period, and today is especially heavy.
You did let her wear a tampon last night and play with her
clit, but W/we did not have much time since You had to get
up early this morning. You did stroke Yourself to orgasm,
but this slave did not cum. she also spent some time
servicing You after W/we went to bed. she found herself to
be really tired, and fell asleep quickly after You had cum
once more. she is always proud and happy to serve You, and
will always put Your needs ahead of hers, so she went to
sleep feeling very happy and very good about U/us.

The alarm seemed to go off way too early this morning. this
slave got up, turned it off, and went right back to bed.
she forgot about an early task she needed to perform, and it
almost bit her in the butt. You swept in and took care of
the situation, as You always do, this slave's Knight in
shining armor. Even when this slave screws up, You are
right there, taking up her cause and defending her to the
end. this slave loves You so much. she is so lucky to be
Yours, and that You take such good care of her.

It is hot and sticky outside today, and it looks like rain.
this slave has some letters to mail and more calls to make.
she is sorry this entry is so short, but as she mentioned
yesterday, today is all about reality, and reality really bites!

Take care, Beloved Master, and be safe.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,