Daroon's Journey To University
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2005-07-05 18:21:05 (UTC)

Moving On

Thought you might want to hear about something apart from
my ex (*shudders* what a horrible term for her).

I might not do anything tomorrow, think i might just spend
the day in bed, who knows. Then on thursday in the day
i'm off round steve's, haven't seen him in a fair while *i
think :S* and Will's going round to *again, i think* so
we're gonna get some filming done hopefully. Also, dunno
if i mentioned it, but i bought an eyetoy the other day,
so i'm gonna take play2 over so we can have a few laughs
with that.

Then in the evening we're off up the pub to celebrate
Will's birthday! A little late, granted, but a joyous
occasion none-the-less. As far as i know, Neil, steve,
will, joe, faz, gemma, tom, hayley and i are going, so it
should be pretty good.

Friday i have to go to Bath Uni to arrange getting stuff
sorted out so that i have everything i need. Then nothing
planned over the weekend, then am gonna go round Andy's on
tuesday, get proper wasted and stay the night i expect.