Daroon's Journey To University
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2005-07-05 14:51:21 (UTC)

No Turning Back

Well, i went to see Hayley, and it's definately all over
with no return. I am upset, but i feel much better than i
did yesterday after having a nice long talk with her today
about it all, we both had a cry, and it was a bit awkward
at first, but by the time i'd driven her home it was just
like it used to be - getting on fantastic and me being
totally in love with her and doing nothing about it, lol.

Seriously though, i'm so glad we had a chat today, i feel
much better about it now :) Not fantastic, but i reckon i
can let her go, i'm not saying i'm ever gonna get over
her, but i can let her go.

Well thanks for all the feedback ¬.¬ it's nice to know
people read and care....

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