Cruel Intentions
2005-07-05 13:12:26 (UTC)


I take back everything i ever said to you. I really hate
you. blah. You suck.

And I cant believe that you talk to melly and not me.

Im so pissed off right now.

just wondering - i know this may be a wierd q to ask.. but
have u heard from sab at all?

Melly says:
no why?

¨°º¤Vèñgêfü£Åñg裤º° says:
no reason really, i was just thinking about him today, i
dunno i havent heard from him in ages

Melly says:
eh.... he just talks about the same old things and sends
me pics of girls's he screwed since thelast time we talked.

So fuck you and fuck u ignoring me and yeah thats all.