Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-07-05 04:38:01 (UTC)

Perscription Parade

such tiny little pills...do they really repair me?
how tiny they all are.
little oval blue ones, big round brown ones, teeny-tiny
small white ones.
even larger blue oval ones.

~Lollipop Lust Kill!~
no it's not by them, but i'm listenin too them now dumb-

what a pretty witch. she flies around, her long colorful
hair painting the night sky. i gawk with wonder. i want
too touch her. i must sleep soon.

bleh...i dunno man.
what would you do

my head and body never hold hands, but they attached, like
siamese twins connected at the hip...they dont really talk
too each other. why oh why why why?
"nobody talks too me. i only talk to

who am us anyways? HA! thats funny :| i must fill up the
other side of this. how lonely it must be too be Right.

'wont you be my prom queen? [everybody has a real good
time]' kill, killer, kill her. needles. i hate the
poke. skin. bleh. nasty...

you should go away now. it's time for bed. -kisses-

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