Autum's Leaves
2005-07-05 02:34:24 (UTC)

Sorely Confused

Not that I need something else to not know anything
about, the guy sent me an e-mail...that didn't seem very
happy...and I'm not really sure how to take it. I'm
supposed to see him tomorrow, and my friend is supposed to
come with me, so that'll be really cool.

But, the story goes that he has a cold sore. And
jokingly I said, "Mouth herpes are bad," he came back
really offended...and it wasn't like I meant to offend him,
I didn't want to hurt his feelings, it's just typea herpes
anyways, everyone has them. I don't get cold sores but I
get like...ulcers inside my mouth, because my stomach is
abnormally acidic. ...*shrugs* Everyone has them...Maybe I
just don't know how to take it because it's like having a
zit. Eveyone has them at sometime in their life. But then
again, I'm one of those people that always point things out
like that. If I get a huge zit, I go up to one of my girls
and say, Look at the size of this fucking thing, and we all
commiserate together. Ionno, I understand how I could have
rubbed him the wrong way. Sometimes my sarcasm dosen't get
carried over well when I type. Whatever.

We didn't go see fireworks where I wanted to, but we did
go on top of a really awesome roof. It was one of my girls
friends' roof and we watched firework shows for like, and
hour, it was really nice. Plus I got to drink some tea. Mm.

So, I think I'm starting to talk myself out of
something. It's really a strange thing. My brain has been
argueing for days...well, weeks really. Yes, I practice
being vague. And in fact, that's all of that conversation.


*le sigh*

Ah, motherland. I miss Flo.