We're talking about my life
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2005-07-05 01:45:22 (UTC)

June 13, 2005

So it begins, a journey like one that I have never been on
before . . . . thinness.

We left for California early this morning. We flew from
Indy to St. Louis and then on to Los Angeles. After
arriving in L. A. we rented a car and drove to Delano,
California -- town of nothing.

Nothing except Dr. K that is. Dr. Ara Keshishian, the man
that will lead me to the land of thin from the planet of
fat that I have lived on almost my entire life.

We are staying at the Best Western in Delano, one of 3
skanky hotels to choose from.

We did eat at a nice little local restaurant for dinner.
It is called Perko's. No, I don't mean Perkins, I mean
Perko's. Of course, it's not like Delano has a lot of
choices to begin with.

I'm sure that I won't sleep very well tonight. No fan, no
noise, no Jessica, and of course their is the excitement

Stay tuned for the exciting journey of "Large and In
Charge, But Not For Long"