2005-07-04 23:58:27 (UTC)

becky and alyssa were here all day!!!

okay so yesterday alyssa comes over to my house and we go
to the mall for her bday!! we went to the movies and then
went shopping! that was funn while becky was at her family
reunion..then she came here and we just hung out...alyssa
and i took a walk out back while becky was at the fire and
caught fireflys then alyssa wiped them on me so i glew so i
did it back it was funny!

then becky fell asleep so alyssa and i wrote all over her
shaved her arm...and broke a golw stick on her!! it was soo
funny!!! then we took the other glow sticks outside since
we were sleeping in my what a night!!

i think becky is coming down tongiht since she just left
two hours ago!! haha i hope so i am lonely shes at my house
everyday and i love it its like we live together which we
pretty mcuh do!! haha funn funn!!

g2g write lata! bye

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