Hollow Years
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2005-07-04 09:43:03 (UTC)

Give me a kiss goodnight and everything will be alright

:) my cousin slept last night we watched first daughter it
was good :) shes sleeping tonight aswell and were watching
man on fire or something she has got at home :).

Yesterday i went to thr trafford center with my mum sara
and edward and i bought some surfing shorts :) some more
converse :) and some knickers and bra's oh and pajamas.
Later on i went to the cinema watching War of the worlds
with emma racheal and linzi it was fun and the film was
good the ended was a bit bland though lol but still all in
all a good film :P

i might be going into school today it depends if i can be

I'm having my hair done soon :):) yey blue streaks cant
wait lol hope it looks okay.

Well anyway nothing exciting is happening in my life its
all boring and dull at the moment and i havnt talked to
Dan in ages :( i miss him. Hmmmmm simon hasnt been on the
internet in ages im sure hes blocked me

Bye bye

Song: Greenday - are we the waiting
Mood: I'm okay because nothing is happening but im bored

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