me and my life
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2005-07-03 21:55:00 (UTC)

Sal Adam and me

Well me and Adam broke up.......I moved to Virginia and i
also went out with this other guy Sal at the same time as
going out with Adam and we broke up too......let me start
from the beginning.....me and Adam started going out as you
probobly already know and i had to tell Lydia. Well i did
and she didnt hate me she was just mad at me.....she asked
me how i could do that to a guy and i was a little comfused
and asked her what she was talking about and she told me
that the guy that i talked to on the phone a few nights ago
liked me and i was like wait he doesnt even know me and she
was like correction he knows all about you he'sjust never
seen you.......i was a little mad at her at first for being
stupid and she told me that she wasnt going to be the one
to tell him i was i was like oh no i'm not telling him that
i have a boyfriend and she was like yea you are and so sje
called Joey with me on the phone and he was like why would
you do that to someone and i was basically being nagged at
for the whole thing and then some other chick called and
she had another person on her line and so the other girl
called Sal and i Lydia said Sal,Hannah has something she
wants to tell you and so everyone was silent so i could
say.....Sal i have a boyfriend.....he was just like OK
so....what do you want me to do about it.....se we started
talking all the time while Adam was ignoring me (i'll get
more into that later) and so i found out i really liked
him......no loved him and so one night i was like hey Sal i
have to tell you something but i think it might be to soon
and he was just like go ahead and tell me so i said it....i
was like I love you.....he was a little shocked to hear me
say it since i did have a bf at the time and he was like
really and i was like yea really.......he toldme he
loved ,me too and he new he did from the first night i
talked to him on the phone and he tld me how crushed he was
when he founf out i had a bf.....i said i was sorry and i
didnt realize how he felt about me or how i felt about him
either.......so the rest of that night we were talking to
Lydia on the phone together while she complained about her
bf Joey.......and we were giving her advise and whispering
I love you to eachother every 5
seconds.....literally......so we finally got Lydia to call
joey and ask him if he really liked her and all this other
stuff that i cant remember and while she was doing that me
and Sal werent supposed to be on the phone but we were
anyway and we were whispering i love you to eachother every
5 seconds and it was a great night we stayed on the phone
all night and when Lydia finally got off the phone and it
was just me and him his cousin had to call me every 10
minutes on my cell and when i was talking to him and Sal at
the same time Sal would be saing i love you and i would say
it back and John was like who are you talking to and i was
like Sal and he thought we were crazy and was like how many
times are you too going to say i love you to eachother?????
it was really funny then he finally said he would let us to
love birds get back to talking and i told im i would call
him the next day(which i never did) and me and Sal fell
asleep on the phone together. The next day when i woke up i
sent him a text mesage on his cell and all i would say was
i love you and when he got up in the middle of my fist hour
(he's homeschooled)he would text me back and we'd be
texting back and fourth all day and when i got home i'd
call him and we'd talk for hours and Sara would talk to him
too and it was great...but when i was with Adam he seemed
to not want to be around me and of course i still really
liked him and i didnt know what was going on with him and
he would never talk to me or answer my phone calls so i new
something wasup with him but i didnt know what it was and
insead of breaking up with him i decised to give him a
taste of his own medicin and was in the process of hooking
up with Sal......one night wile i was talking to Sal he
asked me when i was going to break up with Adam and i said
whenever i get to talk to him cause he's not talking to me
right now and he was like oh well i really do love you and
i want to ask you out and i said i love you too so jusy ask
me out.....so he did and we were going out so i told him i
broke up with Adam which i never did.....i could never
bring myself to do it and i new i was hurting 3 people
while i didnt do it....i was hurting Adam, Sal and
myself.....Sara and Jessy was the only people that new the
truth. i new i loved Adam but i didnt really know what kind
of love it was......was it a friendship love a bf-gf love
or what and i new i loved Sal......i really didnt know what
to do and i new i was moveing and i wouldnt see either one
of them verry much but of course they both new that already
and my whole relationship with Sal was on the phone and we
saw eachother once the entire time we were going out so i
just let it go on......i started feeling bad about
everything and was feeling a lot of presure about the whole
situation and i started getting bitchy all the time and i
didnt know what to do about it but i was yelling at
everyone and getting mad about stupid stuff and i was
always on the phone with Sal so i ended up yelling at him
all the time and we ended up getting into a lot of
arguements and i couldnt help it......when i wouldget mad
at him he would say i love you and he would keep saying it
but i would never say it back i would be like uh-huh or ok
and he would ask me what so you dont love now and i would
say i never said that and he would be like well you wont
say it back and i was like soooo that doesnt mean i dont
love you i'm just mad and he would keep saying it and i
wouldnt say it back so he would end up going outside and
would be like baby listen i'm sorry i love you verry much
and i would be like ok and he would be like baby your
breaking my heart and i would say oh yeah well your
breaking mine too and he would always say the same thing
and i will know that sentence for the rest of my life he
would say.......baby please i'm on my knees please forgive
me and after that i would always forgive him and we would
be all lovey dovey again.......he always told me that he
would never break my heart and i always believed him and
then i moved and when i got hear he broke up with me...it
was a stupid night that i'll never forget for the rest of
my life......i called him and was telling him that lydia
felt wierd around him and john and then he got really mad
and hung up on me twice and i got mad and i told Lydia that
i never wanted to be with him ever again and that the next
time she talked to him to tell him we were over and so she
did but after i told her it was off and then he told her he
was tired of it all and that we were over and she told him
to tell me himself and so he called me and said he wanted
to take a break and i told him that there was no suchthing
a abreak and that he needed to break up with me or stay
with me nad he said then i guess were breaking up.....and
that was the end of it. so sence then all i can think about
is him and the nights we were talking and i was laying on
the floor in my computer room and we were talking and
saying i love you and everything and i remember one night
when i was really mad at him and i hung up on him and
called lydia and he was on the other end and she put us
both on the phone and he kept saying i love you to me and i
would not say it back and he said what you dont love me any
more and i said i guess not and i was saying stuff like he
didnt care about me and stuff and he ended up saying lydia
remember what i told you and she was likeabout hurting
yourself and he was like yea that and she was like yea what
about it and he said i'm really thinking about it and he
hung up and we were scaredand we called him and called
Joeyand everyone and we finally got ahold of him and i told
him i loved him and i never wanted him to do that ever
again and he said ok and that he wouldnt.....but ever
sencewe broke up all i could think of is him and when Adam
told me that he was just using me when he was going out
with me i didnt care and all i can talk about with lydia is
Sal and i miss him so much and me and Adam broke up and one
day i actually went crazy and was throughing everything
around my room i was ripping up paoers that had him name on
it and it wasnt good........now whenever i listen to the
Mariah Carey song We belong together all i can do is think
about Sal and cry.....i miss him and everything in the song
is so true

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