2005-07-03 21:43:44 (UTC)

*Bang Bang*

this weeks bn pretty god dam hectic but also pretty god
dam good at the same time! 4 the worst part- bn workin 9 2
5 mon 2 friday....but then got paid friday woooo! then woz
asked 2 babysit so i fort id call me m8 chez an so the 2
of us babysat 4 a bit an had hefty munch, a wee chat an
goss lol an watched big bruv an the film wimbeldon! then
bout 12 headed bk up 2 straven chez went home cos she woz
workin saturday neways i met up wiv nicola an wilkie (the
steamer) in the star...nics away on hur hols the now,
who's gona b ma pub buddie? lol shes always out its gr8!
neways...had foned gunn so he came down an met me (another
steamer!- lol) so efter the pubs shut a few of us went up
2 gun's which woz pretty kool woz freezin cold an dumb ass
me didnt even have a jacket so ended up stealin marco's
hat altho2 b honest that didnt help much!...oh an spoke 2
robbie(fink thats his name-lol)he used b in me french
class lke a yr ago! aint seen him since then...
neways i ended up crashin! saturday woz spent
tryin 2 find out where sum of my friends had ended uo the
nite b4 *cough cough* wilkie!!! lol im jus kiddin chic!
altho i fink all the early mornins the whole week an not
that much sleep on fri nite relly caught up on me
yesterday cos i felt like shit! so fort id best stay in
last nite which woz probs a good fing cos i felt fine
2day, mostly jus had a lazy day then met up wiv sum of the
girls- eilidh, steph, jen an chez an we went 2 c a lot
like love!- awwww...that film is so cute an ashton is well
hot I DONT CARE WOT U GUYS FINK lol me an eilidh no bettr
nehoooo i shld probs go 2 ma bed now cos its bk 2 work
agen 2mz! boooooooo! nite nite XxX

* There must be an angel with a smile on her face When she
thought up that I should be with you*