Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-07-03 21:27:14 (UTC)

Slade ...

I got bored ... So I wrote some pieces ... Tah dah!

Anora's death

"What have I done?" Slade screamed into the cold night
air, drowning out to nothing but a soft whisper into the
night. The hollow cringed with the crack of snapping
branches and crisp fall leaves, shattering on the ground
as Slade fell to his knees. "Oh, sweet Anora, what
wretched fate have I brought upon you? Why has thou taken
my demise?" Shallow tears of regret slowly formed in
Slade's eyes. He let them fall, one by one, onto Anora's
blood stained gownd. He stroked her cold and lifeless
hand. How could he have done this, to the one who mattered
most to him?
Dawn's light crept over the horizon's blanket of hills.
The sweet shadows moved aside as the bitter warmth of the
morning's light surrounded Slade. Feeling was beyond him
now, his only purpose had vanished, with one powerful
thrust of his blade.
He grasped his hand over the hilt of the sword, and pulled
it softly out of Anora. He pressed it to his chest, and
turned his gaze towards the silver lined clouds above
him. "Why has thou done this to me? This sword has cast a
bitter fall upon my dear Anora. Hell hath no furry as
great as mine." He gripped the sword with two hands. "Now
see! See the fate that thou hast set upon me!" With those
words, he gave the sword a fatal shove into his heart. The
taste of blood, and the sound of his own heart beat in his

Slade's Death ...

As sweet as death the air quaked. "Something's gone a
miss ..." Anora breathed. Her heart stopped beating for a
moments time, as her own blood seemed distilled in her
veins. She felt it in her soul, his heart was lifted.
Released from the pain he had eagered to throw away.
She carried herself up the marble steps, her heart beat
throbbed in her temples. She knew what she would see, the
furrious tears in her eyes told the story of her truth.
A crack of light shone through Slade's opened door. She
pushed it open slowly, despair her only living company.
Blood touched her feet as it flowed gracefully away from
Slade's limp body, seconds of life pouring from his soul.
Impailed upon his own sword, with no note left to fill her
empty soul. In it's place of explanation, as she grasped
for heir of words, was left a black rose. It's petals of
furious charcoal, gave her heart a weary shove. The end of
the broken chain. White, Red, Black. So tainted was her
love for him, surely a sinful grace. God's will through
her heart living each day forth, Lucifer's hands of magma
ripping them apart. Tearing him away from her, what a
dirty deed was played.
She cried no tears, she said no prayers. To weak and
strong to beg for mercy. She clasped her fingers around a
silver tube. A casing of a secret lover's romance.
She twisted it slowly, as a black wax appeared.
So simple is the charm and duty, one last task before she
fall into the repear's sweet embrace. She gave her lips
the lifeless colour of the lipstick, and traced a finger
down Slade's cheek. Once so full of colour and lively. Now
pulled away from the chain of life, pale and drained with
his disapearing blood.
She kissed his lips for the last of the first time, ready
for an after life spending eternity in his arms. The
colour of a dying ember, embroidered on his lips.
"Farwell, my sweet Slade. For now you are at peace. In
lover's sweet motion, in god's sacrade grace. I shall join
you soon. My time here has run out. Life's feeble worries
and trouble's left my heart a bitter cold. I love you so,
I was craving the day you ended it all. My heart implored
for your demise. With this blade you take your life, and I
take mine to follow you in eternity's careful bliss. Oh
sweet Slade, your troubles are behind you. And so am I.
Left behind in dusted memory ... I join you soon Slade. My
love will fade the day the moon and sun disapear from our
glimpses. This is not your armagedon ... This is your

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