Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-07-03 21:25:03 (UTC)

Ay yai yai O.o ...

I think I may have blood poisoning. Thats what I get for
using a rusty blade. I met the most amazing woman ...
Kade's net mom ... dont ask O.o.
She's like my therapist ... only one diffrence. She isn't
doing it for the money ... heh.
Kade worte the most beautiful thing ...
wow ... its so touching really.

My Angel

For so long he'd been searching for the light to lead him
through his darkest days, for the day when his scars would
finally fade away. All his life he was lost and alone,
left in the shadows with no one to hold and no where to
go. Everytime he called for help no one answerd, so he
looked for the answer everytime the razor penetrated his
skin. With one broken wing and tears in his eyes he went
to her. In his hand he held his heart, broken and torn
apart. He knelt down over a pool of tears, saw his
reflection, and asked "Who's that monster looking back at
me?" He fell to the ground and she saw the teardrops fall
from his eyes.
So she fell to her knees, and held him whispering "You're
so beautiful. Cast your every fear on me". She held him in
her arms and felt the blood drip down her legs, felt the
tear drops fall down her arms, and felt the pain he felt
inside. Holding him close to her heart, she said "Don't be
scared. I'm here now. I'll never let you go." He looked at
her and saw heaven in her eyes. Then suddenly his other
wing began to break. In shock she gasped and she began to
cry. He took her hand and finally spoke "I no longer need
my wings to fly, for I've found an angel to call my own."

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