Date With Destiny
2005-07-03 18:20:45 (UTC)

Never forget pain caused by smoking!!

Pain ramble
From simonb1 on 2/20/2004 3:27:18 PM

This is for me:
I am on day 21 of the quit. After viewing so many posts, I
have come to realize that the brain is a wonderful thing.
It forgets pain-we have all suffered intense emotional and
physical pain, and while we know it was painful, we don't
walk around in that constant state of pain-thank
goodness!!! Imagine breaking your arm and forever feeling
that pain. Isn't our mind and body amazing???
My point of all this-you, yes you, will forget the pain of
your smoking, the coughing, the asthma, the yellow
fingers, the embarassment, the stink, the humiliation and
the fact that you WERE slowly killing yourself.
You will forget how hard it was to quit, how your body
physically CRIED out for nicotine and you had to fight.
You thought you were going insane-certifiably insane. You
will forget the numbess, the diizziness, the headaches of
the withdrawal and that it was so darn hard that you were
not sure if you could do it. You really were scared that
you had allowed something to control you for most of your
You will also forget days like today, when one little
thing is setting you off and you feel like you could jump
out of your skin.
Why all this? Because you will forget and I want to remind
you-this is one of, if not the hardest, things you have
done. Please don't ever go back, and don't ever forget
this pain. You have quit before and you had some serious
distance between yourself and the nicodemon (two years for
me). Plenty of time to forget the pain and just take one
little puff. Whatever you do, NEVER forget the pain.