The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-07-03 16:47:32 (UTC)

It's just a little Crush!

Dear Diary

Ok, Emily is dating this guy...Johnathon. He is sooo sweet.
She treats him like, well, shit! I think he's a doll! Well,
anyways, I've liked him since I first met him about 3 weeks
ago. Well, I was with Emily from Thursday til Saturday
(yesterday). Well, I flirted sooo bad with him! Oh lord!
Well, then he starts asking about a threesome. Emily
agrees! I had my very first Threesome! It was..interesting.
We were parked in a church parking lot and it was storming
and raining. Get this...I sucked her nipple! It's like
official. I'm bisexual. I think she may be too cause, well,
she enjoyed it. It was funny as hell. Johnathon was in the
backseat laughing his ass off at her. LOL! Anywho. I feel
bad though cause, hello!, I'm still with Joey! I swore I
would never cheat like that again...I'm a loser! Dammit!

On a different subject so I don't cry again, I called
McDonald's to get my schedule and they don't know who I am.
I had to call again today to get Anne and I forgot it was
lunch! I'm so fuckin' stupid! I'm serious! What an idiot!
Oh well. They'll get over it.

Well, hey I better go before mom and dad get up...Remind me
next to tell you about Budder our new dog! AAAHHH See ya!


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