Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-07-03 06:27:27 (UTC)

help me

lord...god i hate these temptations. i hate myself cuz of
them. i know its not a part of me but part of the disease,
but it still gets too my soul.
i feel like shit cuz of them.

i wanna take a syringe and jam it through my skull just
too suck out the thoughts. electric drill my forehead
open, take out the demon feastin on my frontal lobe and
smashin that mufucker till his eyes and limbs turn too a
pasty red goo. FUCK OFF!!! FAH~! GET OUTTA MY HEAD!![email protected]#
fuck fUCK FUCK! MOTHER FUCKAREW! goad damn it!

-sigh-...i'm sorry. i'm...i'm just sick of it. i fuckin
hate it and myself. i'm, gah. man. damn. why. why?...i
better be gettin somethin good outta all this...

it just seems endless.

i better go take my medication.