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2005-07-02 13:34:34 (UTC)


WHO! im half cut! Canada day! Wooo! ... nto really.
Bryan wasnt here. I went w/ brit and ceasar to the iron
horse, brit decided to tell ceasar about cheating.. THEY
DITCHED ME! They fuckin' left me there.

so.. later on, i was calling a cab when some guy who came
up in a cowboy hat, really geaky, bought me drinks..but he
was touchy feely, even tho i told him that i had a
fiance... at about 6 am (we went to after hours) he was
talking about doing what felt right in the heart then
asked me usptairs!! I was shocked! I chose Bryan. I chose
love. I am so PROUD!!!!!! I went home, ( it was funny, the
look on his face, as if he thought id be like all the rest
of those girls) im packing the last of my stuff half cut,
brit is nowhere to be found(she was supposeto help me
move, her and ceasar), i guess its just me and my dad

I AM SO PROUD! I LOVE BRY so much, i could NEVER do that,
I'm so full of love for him :) I;d never hurt him, even if
i knew i could keep it secret, i would never, ever.
........ I guess... i love him with everything i am :)
Dam, i miss him now...
Just having a smoke now, wanted to express myself, let
alone keep myself awake : ..

i neeed some water.

well..omg, back to packing.
( neeeeeeeeeedddddd water)


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