life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-02 06:45:27 (UTC)

The first good day

So, today was the first good day i have had in so long.
Aaron called me this morning and asked if i wanted a ride
to work, which was cool, i mean, since my car is broken and
all. Then, i had to work all night with him which was cool
too. There is this girl kim who i used to be friends with
and she seriously grinds on my nerves because she tries to
make it seem like everything that she has or does is so
much better than me. Well, she normally like flaunts
herself on Aaron and it makes me so jealous and
everything. Well, i decided that i shouldnt give up on
Aaron, i am just going to stop caring. I mean, the only
thing that kim has going for her is being a slut, and it
makes her mad that i get attention from guys even though i
dont act like that, and if that is what she needs to be
happy then so be it. I like Aaron a lot and if she isnt
okay with that then whatever. Well, i ahve to go because i
dont feel good.


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