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2005-07-02 06:14:01 (UTC)


Decided to put some wisdom into action. Looking at things a
little differently now. It only makes sense; if I don’t like
things the way they are, change them. Start small. No need
to overburden myself. Or scare myself off with a feeling of
being overwhelmed and giving up before I even begin.

Thought it would be interesting to determine what things or
activities used to bring me laughter. Duh. This is pretty
obvious. I used to frequent comedy clubs. I loved comedy
clubs. I’d even laugh when it wasn’t funny, because it was
funny, that someone would stand on a stage, in front of a
gazillion people, for the sole purpose of making people
laugh, and then discover, you aren’t funny.

That’s funny, a wee bit sad, but nonetheless, funny! No
matter how you look at it —especially after drinking those
2-minimum-twice-mandatory drinks and not having eaten all
day... everything and everybody is funny! Add into the
equation, no sleep for a week pretty much, voila, hilarious!
Ah, the good ‘ole days... NOT! I only miss the comedy and
laughter part (speaking of change).

That was it, a beginning. A first step toward change. Well,
not the first step, the first step is for another topic. But
still it complements the required steps toward change and
enhances in such a way as to change my very nature. Instead
of feeling depressed all day and all night, start the day
with a little comedy. Make a decision. Make a choice. Start
the day grumpy or start the day w/laughter.

Laughter really is an amazing thing! The body’s response to
laughter is an amazing thing. The attribute and capability
of the body to create laughter and respond with laughter is
an amazing thing, when you really stop to think about it.
And then of course, the bodily manufacture of the chemicals
in the brain, triggered by laughter. Who needs prozac, or
drug du jour, when laughter is available, and at no cost to
the user!

Yes, I’ve had the Comedy channel for quite some time now,
yet, oddly enough, I never switched to it; not even in error
or by mistake (error & mistake are two different things
—just look it up in the dictionary). So I located the
channel and discovered that there are stand-up comedy
programs listed, one right after the other, starting early
in the morning until around 10:00 a.m. at least, all during
the week. Since changing my sleeping patterns (again for
another topic), this early in the morning on weekdays
programming works wonders!

So after several days of mid-morning comedy and riotous
roaring laughter wafting through my windows and walls, my
neighbors (not that they care or even pay any attention)
probably think I’m on drugs (which I am in a sense...
endorphin are still legal, last time I checked), and it must
be really serious, because I’m laughing alone....

The early results of all this are truly amazing. I feel so
much better in various ways. Physically: I think some aches
& pains have disappeared; or maybe it’s just that I’m so
busy laughing, I’m no longer concentrating on the physical?

Mentally: There were things (everything) I lost interest in
that are beginning to look good to me again.

Emotionally: Yep, the anxiety has disappeared for the most
part... just peeking in snooping around once in a while.

Spiritually: Wow... (yet again for another topic) moving
right along nicely in this area... but somehow, I do not
think stand-up comedy has a whole lot to do with this area,
no, no not at all..... this is where joy lives!


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