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2005-07-02 01:32:56 (UTC)


okay so my sister miss me soo much and shes misses living
wiht me and hanging out with me..and i tel ppl i dont care
b/c we dont talk nemore...but i realy do i want her to come
home and stay wiht to me and tell me about her
new life with out me...i barely ever see her nemore and it
just feels liek i am an only i cant wait till
her party so i can spend alot of time wiht her the family
and my friends its gonna be a balst and nick and anthony
are coming up so i cant wait to see them again!! my life is
jsut soo fucked up right now but thats okay ill be alright
soon...the only time i forget my problems is when wiht
*him* he makes em laugh and joke and have a good time and i
forget my life and my problems and it feels liek we are the
only ppl in the world!! its amazing how one person can have
that effect on me its wonderful and i love *him*...ill
wirte soon and tell you more...bye