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2005-07-02 01:27:30 (UTC)

my eye appt! uhhhh

okay today i went to the eyue doctors twice because my eyes
are sooo fucked up!! i was so scred i was gonna have to
have surgury! so i went back afetr jordan left my
house..and i took my test...well i took both my tests..the
doctor said its just the way god made me and i am just
abnormal..he also said that 20% of people have this and its
not that common but ill will be okay...they were gonna give
me dialoted drops so i couldnt see but i told him i had a
game i couldnt take them...then my tests were boring they
checked my pupils and optical lens again b/c thats what was
so fucked up...they sadi my left pupil is bigger but its
not that big og a deal...they want me back in a month so
they can check it again...and i am still really scared...i
wish my sister would come home to talk to me about it b/c i
can trust her and talk to her...i love her shes all i got
besides my lovely friends!!