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2005-07-02 01:21:01 (UTC)

beckys birthday!

okay beckys was a blast really i love all you guys...lets
see what did we do?
we went
played with water ballons
got on the computer
slept on a trampolion(why do we always do that)haha
invited our boys up(ohh yea)
went o sleep around 5 when they left
got up and left
then went o my doctors appt!

so i hope you had a good birthday becky you are truley an
amazing person and i love keep me inline and i
can trust you wiht all mny deepest secrets...that no1 else
knows! i love you...we have grwon up together and have had
our ups and downs its been a crazy ride with all our
memeories..and soooo many more to come i cant wait for
fucking high school hells yea!!
you are the shit and i hope we can stay best friends
forever which of course we will...its a nown fact...i love

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