Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-07-01 21:01:54 (UTC)

Serious f***up

Dearest Master,

In a day that started well, things have certainly taken a
turn for the worse. this slave made a huge mistake that
could have disastrous results for U/us. It was not a minor
infraction at all, and this slave is seriously concerned
over O/our situation. You are so upset with this slave,
that You are not even showing her Your anger. You have
withdrawn from her and just left the house without saying
goodbye. this slave knows You are not leaving her, that she
knows for sure, but she is concerned over what this f***-up
will do to U/us and O/our relationship. she has been
screwing up a lot lately, but this one was the final straw.
You even made the comment that You don't even feel like
punishing her for this. You also implied that this slave
has not taken O/our relationship seriously, and that O/our
Master-slave relationship is a game to her. this slave
understands why You would feel this way. she has screwed up
a lot, and she does not know why. this slave does take
O/our M/s relationship seriously, and she has no desire to
return to O/our old way of life. she hopes that this latest
screw-up, the big one, does not cause irreparable harm to
U/us. she is so, so sorry. she also knows that there is a
lot more than Your forgiveness at stake.

Just before You discovered her big f***-up, this slave
received a rejection letter from the company where she
interviewed on Monday. This was for the job that she felt
was so perfect for her. this slave's heart is broken. she
loses out a really great job, and she makes a really huge
mistake. Some days is just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
You told her that it is probably a blessing in disguise, and
that there is something out there for her that will be
better, and fit O/our schedule better. You told her not to
focus on the negative aspects of not getting the job, but to
focus on the fact that there is something better out there.
Your words would probably have made her feel better, but
their delivery was in less than a comforting manner. You
are angry, she understands, and You have every right to be.
It's just that it all seems to be piling up on this slave
right now, and she is feeling very, very sad. she feels fat
and stupid and pretty f***ing worthless.

Things were so much better last night. things were so much
better this morning. Moods were light, and humor was in the
air. W/we spent a really nice evening T/together, and You
even let this slave cum for You. It felt so good, and
afterwards W/we snuggled T/together and enjoyed being so
close. this slave loves You so much, Master.

Words are not coming easily to this slave right now, and she
is sorry if this journal entry sounds like a pity party.
she was hoping that writing all this out would help her to
feel better, but it does not seem to be working right now.
Just please know that this slave does love You, and she
would never, ever, do anything to purposely cause You or
U/us harm. she is so sorry.

she will try to write more later.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,