My Aphrodisiac
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2005-07-01 14:56:58 (UTC)

9 o' clock in the mornin'

Saddest the nigga comes in the room at 9 in da' mornin'
wakin' me up. He was sleep in Darion's room when I
deliberately told the nigga don't be up in there. Darion
be trippin' and I'm held liable for that shyt. I don't
have time. Was all in the covers and some mo' shyt. That
nigga Darion nasty too. His bad. Am I gonna give that
nigga any love this morning when he just now tellin' me
where he goin'? NO! Ummm...I shouldn't have to guess
nigga. It's cool though. He betta pray I don't act up
this weekend and monday. I won't though. I did enough
wildin' on Nita's b-day. What I did? Hell, I won't even
tell ya'll. You never know who could be reading this
thing. Well, I gotta go to work. I'll holler.