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2005-07-01 13:21:21 (UTC)


oh damn oh damn oh damn...

well marshall lucas and carter decided to walk to me n
elenas house last night at midnight...which was fun...they
were soakin wet...and me n carter broke the dryer :D

so one in the morning rolled around and mrs melvin decided
it was time for them to leave cuz she needed to
sleep...since it was late i was gonna show them the cut
through to oakview...

we literally get down the street when a car drives
down...i think its my bro....but it wasnt..it was the

all i cud say in that situation was fuck me...then when it
got worse i said....fuck me sideways.... ( that line is
frum blade trinity : D)

marshall carter n lucas are DUMBASSES!! i was the only
one who kept my head on straight i was polight and
straight forward and the cop noticed...he caled me
the "leader of the pak" so i got off easy...just a "go

BUT since the cop thoughT marshall was high...and that we
were drinking (we werent!!!) i dont think they got offf so
easy...and if the cop mentions to marshalls parents that
he was out with me...then fuck me sideways....twice...

i thanked the cop and went inside my house and waited
scareD out of my frickin mind! i dont no how they fared
but so far my parents dont know...i hope we keep it that
way...i got very little sleep last night...and woke up at
8 30

i love mrs melvin to DEATH!!

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