My Aphrodisiac
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2005-07-01 06:00:55 (UTC)

Just rambling on...

Today was whatever. Got up early with good intentions. So,
lets discuss. TSU is on that str8 B.S.!! They not trying
to certify me and with out certification I get no back
pay, and without backpay I have no money for school. Ok.
Get it? Got it? Good. Ummm...what else? Oh yea, I didn't
get the RA position again. Which is lightweight a good
thing being that I been wanted my own spot. God will work
it out. I'm quite sure. So, last night I was drunk or
whatever and Chuck calls me. Chuck...dude I work with from
London that I am crushing on SUPA hard. Yeah, so I'm just
keepin' it gully with him. Tellin' him all kinds of stuff
I'd never be able to if I were sober. I flirt with him
like all hell though. We been out together and it was
then that I began to fall. Talk about the artsy nigga I've
been dreamin' of since forver?! Yes...anyhow, I dunno. I
kind of wish I ain't never say nothin'. I like the
innocence of us. He know I got a man and all of that. I
think that discourages him. We was supposed to smoke
tonight, but I left and he wasn't there by the time I got
off so I rolled out. I know he ain't call cuz he thought
Fred was here. Saddest. He ain't. He gettin' his hair
braided. Or probably out at the club by now. Free spirit
ass. So, the other night...hold up. Last night, I was
checkin' his text messages. The bitch he fucced up with
before we got together had texted him talkin' about she
miss him and callin' him babe and some more shyt.
Ummm...what the?! And it was some other bitch name Val, or
Valorie talkin' about since she can't kiss him in reality
mmmuuuahaahhh. See, you can't put shyt past no nigga. For
seriously. I mean, I ain't no saint, but still. Don't
play me for the fool Fred. I ain't the one. If I said
somethin' about it he'd know I'm up to some shyt and I'd
never be able to see it again. I know he can't be doin'
too much cuz he be here with me, but I don't even like
bitches talkin' to MY man like that. When the school year
starts and if we still together and bitches act up...oh,
it's ON! Fred know he got him a DivaleyHoodBitch. I don't
play that shyt. Fa' real. And I ain't one to fight, but I
can't be havin' hoes all up on my nigga like that. It's
one thing to wish, but another to act on the shyt. But the
lil' Chrissy bitch...that bitch don't want none. I'll
whoop that hoe ass. Oooh, look at me. Let me stop while
I'm ahead. I'm hella overprotective seeming, but I
lightweight wanna let him go. He has so many ways I
dislike, but we are good together. He's a positive
person. I dunno. I know I need to get on me some birth
control...ASAP!!! This pull out method shyt ain't cool.
And he swear he entitled to "his" pussy RAW. I bought
condoms and we should have none left over. He'll start off
with one sometimes and then will pull it off talkin' about
he can't feel shyt. Nigga! Back to Chuck...I'mma be lowkey
on his ass. He knows. I'll let him act. Fucc it. Well,
toodles. A sista is lightweight tired and I gotta be at
work at 10:30. I'll holla!