Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-07-01 00:56:14 (UTC)

More interviews, tests, and other bs

Dearest Master,

Today has been another busy day. You had to get up early
because You had to travel a long distance today. You left
the house before 6 AM, kissing this slave good-bye before
You left. this slave slept peacefully until You called
her just after 8 AM to let her know You had arrived and
had already made some business calls. You told this slave
she could sleep till 9 AM. You called a little while
later, letting this slave know that You had to be on a
conference call at 9 AM, not verbalizing that she would
have to get up on her own, but this slave knew that is
what You meant. this slave did go ahead and get up and
took care of putting away laundry and a few other things
that she needed to get done. You called shortly after 10
AM, just as she was getting ready to shower. After she
showered, she went back to Your room to get ready, and the
phone rang. It was for another job interview.

this slave had OT and ST scheduled for this afternoon, but
she spoke to You about it and W/we agreed that this slave
should go to the interview. she did, and it went well.
she had to endure a bunch of testing, but unlike last
week's testing, she kicked this one's butt! she will have
to go on another interview next week, most likely, but
it's a good job in the field in which she would prefer to
work. If this slave has the choice, she would like to
work at the place where she interviewed on Monday.

O/our heat wave has subsided with some heavy thunder
storms this afternoon. this slave got caught in more than
one on her way home, but she just took it slow and she had
no problems. The temps are much cooler now, and much more

Last night was good for You and this slave. W/we were
able to spend a little time T/together, but W/we had to
stop early since You had to get up so early to travel. It
was still very nice, as this slave played for You while
You jacked Yourself off and looked at internet pics.

This afternoon, after this slave got home and after You
got home, this slave made a mistake. You ordered out for
the kids, but W/we were not going to eat what they were
eating. Instead of finding out what You wanted to eat
before she went downstairs, this slave came up to ask You
what You wanted after the kid's dinner was delivered.
Unfortunately, You, being tired from getting up so early
and from driving more than 5 hours round-trip, had fallen
asleep. this slave's knocking on Your door woke You up.
this slave tried to cover and leave, but You told her to
come back, since she had already woke You up. You told
this slave You were hungry, and what You wanted to eat.
this slave went to get it, but by the time she heated it
for You, You had fallen back to sleep. Once again, this
slave woke You up. You were not happy with this slave,
and she was very, very sorry for waking You - twice. she
knows she should have found out earlier what You wanted,
and got it for You right away. she is very sorry, and
this slave will not let this happen again. she knows how
tired You were, and You should have had the chance to nap
for a while.

this slave must sign off for now. this day has gone by so
fast, and she still has some work to do before she can
join You in Your room. she is also typing on one of the
kids' computers, and they are nearly done with the dishes.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,