Elizabeth M.
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2005-06-30 18:07:05 (UTC)

Can it get any worse

WEll the old saying that the best finish last, well you
got that right. Monday was weird for me, I got a paycheck
in the mail and didnt know why? So i called up corp. and
they sa8id that I was terminated as of the 26 of this
month. I was shocked and didnt understand why. So I called
up a rep that investigates these things. Come to find out
my so call Niga bitch boss lied and said that I never
informed her that I was sick and never called. A Lie,
because I spoke w/her younger sister top let her know that
I was very sick and having a reaction to the meds I was
given. I told the girl that was investagating that first
off I was set up because if you are not in the NIga group
they throw you out (I didnt exactly say it like that, I
cleaned it up)and second that there were 2 sisters working
at the same hosp with 1 of them above the other.(a no no in
the work place) So I told her that I can ever get phone
records stating that I called and times and that I had a
doctors note, it illegal to fire someone when they have a
doctors note. So the office manager(niga bitch) said that I
never called or left a mess. Its funny because when the
girl called me back with a decision either I stay or go,
she told me that Yes the office mananger said that I did
call the first time, after she had told everyone that I
never called, then with this company there are 3 ways to
get fired,1- 90days, 2- no call no show,3- 3 write ups,
which I had none of those. Still even if I never called its
still only 2 days which requires a write up, But like I
said before I have a phone record. Fuck them bitches.
Hopefully they will get theres.
Kate called me today to say that several office manager
are ready to kick the niga bitches ass!! I laughted!!
Oh well, time to find a new job, Well at least I have my
partime one for now. Maybe I can be a maid, they dont work
holidays, nights or weekends and get paid really good. I'll