Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-06-30 15:54:41 (UTC)

She's dead**poem**

The power of one
Who kept us all sane
Silence fell
As I stood in the rain

It poured out of the sky
It came right down
It made me cry
And want to frown

It rained like crazy
But I guess it’s okay
To feel like a baby
And want to run away

It made me feel whole
To cry to my self
It helped my soul
To get out of my shell
It was one of those days
Where you can’t help but cry
Words expressed in ways
That made me feel shy

It was such a time as this
That I learned how to give
It was the simple kiss
That taught me how to live

It was your kind words
That showed me who cares
You took away some hurt
You said you’d always be there

Well, now is the time
When I need you the most
You know I’m not fine
So you gave me a boost

So when I read your words
That had helped me laugh
I knew that the pain
Just couldn’t last

Well, now’s the time
To tell you, “I love you,”
To say I’m gonna try
To stay alive and true

If you see me falter
Please be patient with me
Help me to be the same again
Help me to be me

Let us be the one who helps
Let us be the one who cries
Let us be the heart that’s felt
When we know our spirit dies

So in remembrance of a loving woman, I wrote this poem
Cause without her, how would I know how to feel anyway?

So I hold my mom’s hand And I squeeze it tight
We’ll soon understand That it will be alright

So in your honor, dear sweet BeBe I wrote this poem for you
It’s quite the honor to have had you as my grand mother.
My heart stops for you

God Bless Your Soul dear sweet Lady I know you’re in a
special place
I just can’t imagine so many more days Without seeing you
face to face

SO as I sit here and think of you, I sit, thin, and pray
That you will watch over us now and always
And as I pray for you my love, I can’t help but cry
Cause I know you went above soon after you had died

So as tears stain paper after paper I can’t help but be
That your life could be so impacting leaving me in a daze

So maybe you can give us an answer. How is life today?
Cause you only get this one big chance before a loved one
goes away. So we make choices that impact other lives. We
need to be the voices to say, “Put down the knife!”

But no word can describe how I feel right now
But all I can ask is one simple word-How?

How does it feel to be up in heaven?
How does it feel to still be here on earth?
Nothing can make me happy
Than to know about your hurt

So as I stare, I wonder
How do I really feel today?
I guess I’m not too depressed
But these are words I couldn’t say

I’m sorry that you’re leaving
I’m sorry that you’re grieving
I feel like I’m not breathing
And you can’t hear me screaming

I wanted to say
That if you were still here
I would say be at peace
I’ll dry all of mommy’s tears
I’ll tell her how much I love her
And that it’ll be okay
Cause she still has us
So don’t you be afraid

I’ll take real good care of Mom
I’ll hug her and kiss her too
Bur don’t you worry, I got her back
We’ll cry together when we talk about you

June 29, 2005

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