Akira kun

boku no monogatari
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2005-06-30 08:37:21 (UTC)

Its really a totally different life......

After long 14 yrs in Japan, now I returned to my own
country, Philippines. It changed ! ... and I changed, at
first I dont know what to do, where to start, what to
think,..I feel a total stranger to my own land, my
children are all grew up, I feel hard to communicate to
them, what topic to talk, what should I teach to them, I
learned the Japanese culture, and respect is highly
needed, sometime I scolded them, coz the manner is
different, so I need to adjust my self, but I still need
to teach to them , the manner I learned from different
culture which I feel good and better. sometimes they
think I`m weird, but they dont understand that this is my
way of teaching, Iget angry hard, when they do mistake,
when they dont listen what I`m saying, but I do play to
them sweet, joking , acting funny, theres time for
everything, I`m not really a big daddy to them, but I can
be the biggest daddy for them if they learn how to
respect, how to see each others feelings , which is good
and bad, and to understand, which is I`m gradually showing
to them... I`m a father, and this is my role, and I love
my family rather than anything in this world....Its really
a totally different life from now.......

akira kun