Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-06-29 20:58:52 (UTC)

We're All Disappointments - AW

I went to write one of those profile things on hi5 and I
started writing "I don't really like people" but then I
started thinking maybe it's not that I don't like people
maybe it's that they don't like me. Maybe I isolate myself
from everyone because they don't really care if I do. I
was looking at the websites of the people I consider to be
my friends. The only reason my picture is on any of their
websites is because it's a picture of me with Dragon Eyes.
I'm not mentioned anywhere else even though everyone else
is. Maybe I'm too bitchy and mean to the people I was once
close to. I can't seem to stop the gossiping and the
bitching. Would it be different if I could or would I
still be the person that I am, the "friend" that I am?
Maybe Mr. Tait was right. He once told me that we are all
alone. We should never count on anyone other than
ourselves because we will always be disappointed by them.
And we will always be disappointing them if they try to
count on us.

-Angel Wings