Autum's Leaves
2005-06-29 19:55:08 (UTC)

Work It

I've been working. I've been working a lot. I've
already worked a thirty hour week, and my week isn't over.

Today was my only day off, and I got to see el guy.
That was really nice. This morning at work was ridiculous.
I went over our bills and I found one was 771 dollars
off...and I found that we had underbilled someone else by
over a grand, which we aren't going to bill them for. I
have done good deeds.

I hope I don't get fired for it. Haha.

"With the sun,
my doubts return,
to live in fear,
or run."

I saw a hitchhiker today. It always really bothers me
when I see them around here. I have this awful desire to
pick them up, help them out, but I can't. I always
remember when my ex got car jacked here, well technically
Lenior since the guy made him drive there, but the end
result is the same.

Speaking of driving, we have so many tourists up here,
I'm goina crazy. And none of them know how to drive. No
one just knows our streets, but you'd think that if
there's words painted on the street that says Right Turn
Only, that might be something like...I don't know, you can
only turn right?? Just a thought here, I mean, what do I

My new favorite line ever: "Men reach their sexual peak
at age 40." (*pause for dramatic effect* LOL* -Kinsey

All right, I'm gonna go, 'cause I'm so scatterbrained
today....*thinks* I'm gonna eat some chinese food.

Mmmm. *sticks tongue out*