Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-29 18:50:22 (UTC)

More multiple orgasms

Dearest Master,

Where should this slave begin...

Yesterday, she went on her job interview. she interviewed
really well, and she kept an open mind, but the more she
heard about the job and the hours, the more she did not want
the job. she is not sure about her chances of being made an
offer, but she will decline if she does. The pay would be
really nice with the overtime, but she really doesn't want
to spend that much time away from home! she is still
holding out hope for the interview she had on Monday. she
won't hear anything on that job until next week.

When this slave was finished with her job interview, she
called You, and met You at the grocery store. W/we did some
shopping T/together, this slave mailed some packages, and
then W/we came home. this slave got home a little before
You did, but You followed shortly thereafter.

After You got home, W/we came upstairs so W/we could change
into more comfortable clothing. After this slave removed
all her clothes except her bra, and You were naked, You
pulled this slave's tits out of her bra. Then You had this
slave kneel in front of You and suck Your cock. Then, this
slave licked Your balls, and You ended up cumming all over
this slave's face. this slave took Your cock back into her
mouth and cleaned You with her tongue. Then, this slave
helped You dress, put on her own clothing and went
downstairs to fix dinner. Of course, she cleaned Your cum
off her face before going downstairs - kids and all, You know.

this slave made dinner and helped the kids with the dishes,
then took a shower and joined You upstairs at 10:00 PM.
After collaring her and tying up her breasts, You had this
slave kneel across Your bed so You could punish her for the
mistakes she made the day before. First, You made her
recount what she had done, and then You gave her 3 hard
strokes with the "cane". this strokes hurt, but because
Your anger and frustration towards her had abated, this
slave did not cry. she is usually reduced to tears because
she feels Your disappointment, and she really hates
disappointing You.

When the punishment was over, You had this slave pull up a
chair beside You, and W/we spent time T/together looking at
online pics. this slave cleared out the digital camera, but
W/we didn't take any shots last night. Maybe this weekend?
W/we spoke back and forth about plans, fantasies, and other
sexy talk, while stroking O/ourselves to the edge of orgasm.
Finally, You couldn't hold back any longer and came all
over this slave's tummy. she didn't bother cleaning up,
because she loves to wear Your cum.

this slave cleaned up O/our toys and put them away, and then
knelt on the floor beside Your bed and rested her head on
Your stomach. You stroked this slave's hair and W/we talked
for a while. W/we are B/both anxious for this slave to get
back to work, so W/we can work O/our way out of the
financial difficulty W/we are currently having. W/we are
not in outrageous debt, but W/we are struggling right now.
W/we can work it out, but the sooner this slave can get back
to work, the better it will be for U/us all.

Finally, You asked this slave if she would like to perform
for You, and this slave gladly said yes. this slave set up
the chairs like she did on Saturday night, then sat down,
propped her legs up on Your bed and the other chair, lubed
up her fingers, and began to stroke herself in front of You.
she stroked her clit with the right hand, and held her
pussy open so You could clearly see her hole. she stroked
herself, pausing from time to time per Your instructions,
listening to Your voice as You told her of the things You
will do to and for her. As she approached her climax, You
asked this slave if she would cum for You. she thought You
meant right then, but she was not quite ready. You said
that she did not have to cum right then, but You did want
her to cum for You. she happily answered yes, and after a
couple more minutes, she was once again on the brink. "Cum
for Me", You commanded, and she did. this slave's clit
twitched and spasmed over and over as 5-6 orgasms washed
over her body, reducing her to a quivering mass of flesh and
bone, totally spent and totally satisfied. When she
finished, she joined You in Your bed, and fell asleep
quickly. she slept all through the night, and woke up
feeling very refreshed, although she had only slept about 5
hours. she still feels good.

You have called several time during this slave's writing,
which she loves. she never tires of hearing Your voice.
she, herself is about to call You back. she has just
finished another bottle of water, and this slave needs to
pee - again.

Thank You so much, Master, for everything You do for this
slave. she loves You so very much.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,