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2005-06-29 18:26:05 (UTC)

I wish I had something to say...

this is horrible...all of this stuff swimming around inside
my head, trapped.

I wish I had something to really say.

Perhaps I wish I had the time to say it?

No...I have tons of time, why wouldn't I? I do nothing,
have no life, no friends, no kids, anyone else in the world
might envy me and scream at me for wasting the time I do

They'd be right, of course.

I saw a fabulous concert last night. I'll try and come
back and write more about it at some point but my
motivations for writing in here seem to be waning. I'm
almost too angry and distraught to put voice to the things
going on inside my head. This is untenable. It just has
to stop. I'm sick of the drama and bullshit for no
reason. Sick of it. Just sick of it. Of course, it's
even worse when one considers I probably bring it all on
myself for some sick psychological need or something.

In other news, all hail Canada for passing same-sex
marriage legislation last night, preliminarily, of course,
pending approval of the Senate, royal ascent and all of
this business. It'll pass now. Good for us! It's about
bloody time. Who the hell cares who lives with whom? I
don't and I don't want to hear a thing about the "moral
fabric of society". Where's the moral is treating
differences poorly? This isn't separate but equal or
different and not equal or any of this other bullshit
people have bantered around in the past. This is people
and we are all the same whether you like it or not. I've
never really thought this before but I've suddenly been
seized with a strong belief in the philosophy that the
sooner we learn that we are all people and that we need to
work together, come together, and get over our stupid
pretenses that make "us" better than "them", that not only
will the world be a better place but that it will be a key
to our survival as a planet. I don't know...it's weird,
I've never spent much time thinking about this issue in
particular, but I just have this feeling in me that until
the entire population of human beings on this planet can
get over themselves and realize that we are much more alike
than different, that we basically all want the same things,
that we can be so much productive together than separately,
that nothing is going to change. I'm tired of acrimony and
hatred. It's pointless. It's stupid. It's a typical
human failing, fine. I don't envisage a coming-together of
the world's population, not, at least, until the far far
distant future centuries from now. What's it going to
take? An absolute threat that we can only get through by
every single person working together? Even then, we may
just be too stupid. I don't even want to think about what
such a threat could be...It could never work now,
anyway...as a population we need to evolve to a much higher
plane of existance for anything so special to occur, for
anything so civilised to occur.

Fuck it upsets me. I almost wish I could get back into
political rants as opposed to personal, emotional,
philosophical things. My personal things probably
shouldn't be posted on here and I've been burned before -
same with the emotional and my emotional intelligence,
well, it's not very good (how ironic, since it's bogged
down in...hahaha...emotions) - and my philosophical bents
are second rate at best. Maybe the ideas are good, great,
brilliant (I am not saying I'm brilliant, you'll see a
maybe there...I ripped this humanoid idea off from someone
else I know, more or less anyway, hats off to you (you know
who you are, I hope!) - but certainly not the formulation.

Oh this is just to tragic to continue. ;) I'm going to
get back to the incredibly important work I do to make the
world a bigger, brighter, better place... [-sighs as
depression sets in-]


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