My dreams are nothing but a haze
2005-06-29 04:15:01 (UTC)


Tendrils of scarlet fall from his chest as he looks up
towards the sky. The pale moon's luminescence shines
brightly across his face making his pool of blood radiate.
His digits grasped the knife twisting slowly as the thoughts
of old filled his mind. Finally, the pain subsides as he
slides the blade out of his flesh, a pouring river of
crimson flowing forth. Soft footsteps echo about, the sound
caressing his ears as he slowly looked up. It was her again,
she was looking down on him straight into his eyes. He
lowers his gaze a hand moving slowly over the flow of blood
and life ebbing from him slowing it slightly. Eyelids
eclipse his orbs as he feels a soft touch on his shoulder
followed by a slight whisper as of a winter's wind.
Suddenly, regret fills his fading heart. He had to find
her...he couldn't leave just yet. The weakend muscles strain
as he stands up the image of the girl already faded into the
dark closet of his mind. He steps forward the light already
fading from his already dull gaze never to return. A trail
of garnet left by his bleeding heart stains the ground
behind him as he trudges ever onward.....searching.

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