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2005-06-28 19:57:40 (UTC)

oh my days...

this time next week, i'll be up in the sky, on my way to
greece. i would say malia, but greece just sounds better. i
really want soph to come. she emailed earlier, and she was
all like "i can just imagine me & you, staying up when
everyone's gone to bed, sipping cocktails, having ledge
chats..." dya know what? i can SO imagine that happening.
we're indulging in a ledge chat, on our balcony, as the sun
rises. beautiful. i'll have to witness the sun rising on my
own. i don't mind. just as long as everyone's in bed when it
happens. if anybody wants to be with me, i want people to
actually show an intrest and apprecaite the beauty of a
sunrise (sunsets ar fabulous, aswell)...if not, they can
piss off. watching a sunrise (or a sunset) should be either
done on your own, or with someone special, imo. not
neccssarily a lover, too.

i really should go to college, but i really just don't want
to. we were back on 16th june, and i only went last
wedensday. i can't believe they've not thrown me out yet.
i'll have to go tomorrow, coz i've got an exam. ugh. my last
exam, though! yeyness! i'm not gonna go on thursday n
friday. monday i'll not be going, coz i'll be making final
preps for the holiday. on the tuesday i'm off to greece for
the week, and when i come back, i'll need time to adjust to
life back where i live, which, trust me, is gonna be
extremely difficult. we break up for the summer hols the
tuesday after that, so there's no point in me going back
until september. i wanna go back to wcc, but i'll only be
able to do 1 A2 & 2 AS's, and that's a big no, coz i wanna
go to uni, and uni look for 3 A2's, or 2 A2's, with 1 AS.
confusing, huh? i'm gonna have to figure something out, coz
the thought of going to s/boro 6th every single day on my
own is very daunting. katie'll be at uni. i miss her like crazy.

we're going out tomorrow night. well, i say "we're"...i only
know of me & soph who are. i'm sure LG will come out, and i
assume sara'll be coming. can't wait to have a ledge chat
with soph. i want a ledge walk, aswell. hey, there's a new
one...ledge walks. OMG! i've found a friend for life in
sophie, n that's something you don't find every day. sara, i
dunno, LG...no, sophie...yes. speaking of soph, i've wrote a
massive email out to her, and it's not sending. stress!

my msn still doesn't work. i'm sick of this computer. it has
a million & one things wrong with it. fucking thing.

yey, the email to soph has sent!

big brother continues to amaze me. makosi, kemal or derek
need to win. that maxwell fella needs to GO, as dos that
saskia, or whatever she's called. i'd love to meet makosi.
she's SO interesting. well, she seems it.

i'm thinking of starting a diary. i'm gonna buy one. i've
always meant to start one, but i've never really got around
to doing it.

oh, my dad's in turkey. i've only just remembered! lol. he
went yesterday, and he's back on monday. hopefully he'll be
coming round with the stuff he's got me, since i'll be going
the next day.

i had loadsa seprate dreams last night. the only one i
remember was the scott dream. i was in his living room, and
i remember asking him if his parents HAVE split up
(apparantely they have, but i ain't heard/seen from him in
ages, so i'm clueless), and he was dodging the question,
until he answered yes...i think. i can't remember. anyway, i
remember jumping off the sofa i was witting on with him,
because a parrot fell on me...i don't know where it came
from, or anything. it nearly fell on me, so i jumped up and
ran out of the living room. that's all i can remember.
strange, huh? i really will have to get in touch with scott,
somehow. his house phone is still down, his net is fucked &
i've lost his mobile number. i miss him so much.

meanwhile, i continue to take a "i don't give a shit, i
don't care what happens, what you think of my has absolute 0
interest in my eyes" apparoach to life. is it the best way
to live life? nah, probably not, but it's the way what best
suits me, so i'll continue living this way.

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