Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-28 17:56:15 (UTC)

Successful dieting

Dearest Master,

The heat and steam continues. this slave wishes she had the
time to go outside and run through the sprinkler with the
kids. They are having so much fun.

Yesterday, when You got home from work, W/we enjoyed a
supper of raspberry-lemon sorbet and cottage cheese. What a
wonderful combination that turned out to be. W/we made the
sorbet from scratch with fresh raspberries, and it is
awesome! It tasted so good, that this slave ended up eating
the same thing for lunch. Now W/we need more cottage cheese.

this slave has lost another 2.5 pounds, taking her total
loss 7.5 pounds! You are down more as well. W/we are
always successful when W/we work T/together on projects, and
dieting is no different. When W/we try to do it on O/our
own, or if O/one of U/us gives up, W/we find O/ourselves
failing. United W/we stand, United W/we succeed. this
slave loves You so much, Master.

this slave made a mistake last evening. Actually she made
two. she didn't use her head and think of the consequences
of these mistakes, and she is very sorry for her lack of
attention and wrong doing.

this slave has another job interview this afternoon. she is
not real excited about this job, but she will go and put her
best foot forward. she knows that this job will pay pretty
well, and it is in a field in which she has previous
experience, but it is not something that she enjoyed as much
as the job she went for yesterday. this slave will just
pray that God works everything out for His glory. she just
can't help hoping that His will is the same as hers!

this slave is going to shower now. she is really warm right
now, and a cool shower will help her feel better before the

this slave loves You so very much, and she is looking
forward to spending time with You this evening.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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