Life - so complicated
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2005-06-28 17:10:10 (UTC)


It all came back last night, the knowledge that I will
never be able to successfully move on from the past three
years, yes she;s right (i will admit) that I will never
let go and secretly I hope that she never will either. The
years were too special and different and unique, but ssh I
will let her keep thinking that I hate her and that I want
to forget everything because if I doidn't what would

I'd be living in the past for the rest of my fucking
life that's what. And I've done enough of that for the
past 17 years. I don't want to make it a life-long habit.
Still I do miss it...

I cried for ages last night about it all. About how
I've fucked not just that relationship/friendship up but
how I've fucked up my own life. However I don't feel as
bad skiving college anymore :-) as everyone else is doing

I think I'm an alcoholic - I've had 2 malibu n cokes
today - that's not so bad - is it?

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