Goodnight, Starlight.

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2005-06-28 17:01:51 (UTC)

June 28th

well hello, been about a month and a half since my last
entry. everythings pretty much the same.
jake and i havnt spoken once since my last entry, and on
the rare ocasion i will go on my other accounts and greg
will speak to me, but thats about it. he knows what i
think about him. he was suposed to go to grad with amanda,
because ashley and scott were going together, but i guess
amanda and scott ended up going together. so greg got
thrown out of the picture. so anyway, i guess i might as
well write about my trip to montreal.

the first day was so cool, went on the plane, landed, then
we went to Granby Zoo and Water Park. which wa sso cool. i
got a big tan. and it was flippin like 30 some degrees. 34
or 37. i cant seem to remember. i cant really remember
much about the trip either since it was like a month ago.
all i can say is it was like 5 of the most amazing days of
my life. i got home then the next day i went to pick up
pauly from the airport. i really thought we wernt gonna
make it because he was suposed to get in at 8:40 am, mum
checked his flight time on the comp before we left, and it
said he was getting in at 8:05, and by that time it was
7:30, and we had to go pick up kendra. so we actually GOT
to the airport at 8:05. then it said he was comin in at
8:40 again, so the nervousness came back. kendra and i
went to timmies to get soemthing to munch on, then we were
walkin back towards the dorrs where he was gonna come
through, then my mom was like "MICHELE hurry!" because it
had just come in. we were standing there awaiting him to
come out, then this old man comes out and says "Michele
MacDonald?" and i was like yeah thats me. and he
questioned me and everything about pauls stay. but after
that, paul came out a few minutes later, i just dropped
the sign and gave him a huge hug. it was actually so
amazing just seeing the person you've talked to for like a
year and a half come out these doors to see you. oh man. i
cant even get into detail of what happened over those 17
days. THEY were the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. Just
being with him. ah man i cant even explain.
hes gone now, i took him back to the airport sunday night.
it was weird not havin him next to me, nudging me to wake
up every 2 seconds, etc etc. i miss him so much. i hope he
comes back. :)
anyway, i best be off.

michelee. mackiee 3 xox.

kendra i miss you like hell as well!!!!!!!