My Words
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2005-06-28 09:10:22 (UTC)

Pure Shores

The time gone by has finally healed my wounds
Like a fallen solder on the battlefield of love
I struggled to stay alive
The images and memories of pain will never leave me
And the thoughts of you my lost love will never desert me
I cannot say or remember how it all started
And therefore no one is too blame
We did what we did, we caused all the pain
Because of this we will never see each other again
I will always love and I could love you again
But not in this lifetime, not in this game
It was time to move on a long time ago
But my feet would not move, they simply wouldnÂ’t go
Where do I go from here I am not really sure
But I know in my heart of hearts

Its time to find my Pure Shores



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