Anne Frank to Bridget Jones
2005-06-28 03:36:26 (UTC)

extremely irritating

I noticed the other day that the store I work at sells
velcro. All different kinds of velcro, and I see two
different packages of velcro that look almost identical...
except that one's lable reads "extreme velcro." And I
wonder, what is it exactly that makes velcro extreme? There
is even extreme deodorant out there, you may have seen the
commercials. "Right Guard Extreme! Woahhhhhhhhh! Dude!
Wicked Awesome!" My favourite is when there is no "e" at
the begining of extreme, only a giant "X" illuminated by
some day-glow colour. Whos fault is this? I point my finger
squarely at you, generation X!

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