Cokepop for the Smartnessment
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2005-06-27 20:02:32 (UTC)

A La Library

Yes indeed me and Chelsea are sitting in the Library on a
kids computer. I know we're incredibly cool and I really
can't type. NOT AT ALL! Now here's some commmentary from
Chelsea... Oh and before that. Memo to myself- Interview at
Zellers (AGAIN!) tomorrow at 1 with Cathy. Ok that's all.
Now here's Chelsea with the weather...

well right now theres heavy showers as nicole tends to
spit.. when she types. haha. ummm on the counter theres
two pennies...(happy nicole?) i like my two dots. ummm
todays officially 2 day. because the headphones say "22"
and 2 pennies. and uh my phone broke.. twice. shure. ok

Ok so that was Chelsea. And I bought two pairs of capris
from Stitches because my mother gave me $40 to do so. And
my throat is quite sore and it feels puss-ie and ewww and
its tastes like yuck. SO yay. Now I'm going to go get
something to drink. And then home. And then a movie with
Annetters tonight! Whoot. Ok later y'all.


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