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2005-06-27 14:50:15 (UTC)

Dillon's BDay

Well I called Dillon(with my mom) and we told him happy
bday and we talked for a while.we also asked him how his
day went and he said "great,until this afternoon Nichole
got mad at Eric and she was screaming and she punched the
glass on the house door and there was blood everywhere."
Nichole is Eric's girlfriend.i think,i'm not sure if they
are back together.but she is abusive all the time and so
is Eric.she moved in with my brother a few weeks ago.So
now he lives with Josh,Eric,Ben,and Nichole.Nichole and
Eric have a baby together who is 2 years.Nichole and Eric
are sometimes mean to the baby.Nichole tells her that Eric
is a bad person.I think thats just wrong.and they fight
with her there cuz the baby lives there.Dillon says he
wishes that he could do something about the the
way,i think Nichole is like 18 or something and so is
Eric.and Nichole uses the baby against she will
threaten him that he won't be able to be with her or see
her.Dillon and Ben are going to try to find a new home
today.thats why Dillon couldn't come here.and just if all
you ppl that read this were wondering,MY BROTHER IS NOT
GAY!!! lol,just making sure.well i better go,